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[PATCH uxn] dpad and scale 2 months ago

From binarycat to ~rabbits/public-inbox

add dpad support for controllers such as the nintendo switch pro controller,
increase the maximum scale factor from 3 to 6 for better use of small 
windows on large screens.

[PATCH] various things (updated) 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

i made this patch work with the latest changes to the master branch.

i'm asking for some feedback of what i should be working on next with 
this, because currently it's not clear what i should be doing.

i'd also like some closure for the patch swapping "with" arguments, so i 
can use them in new words again.

[PATCH] change argument order for with and with-stdin-file 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

this should made sys/filter more readable, reduce the code-size overhead 
of ]with, and match the common usage of with-stdin-file.

[PATCH] various things 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

this is a patch with everything i've been messing around with, i'm not expecting it to be merged,
i'm mostly asking what ideas need a bit of polishing up, what needs a rework, and what should be discarded entirely.

the full commit history can be seen here:

the biggest things in this patch:
* grid subsystem
* keybind lib
* xrdln (needs a new name?)
* some documentation about naming conventions
* various utility words

[PATCH] add with-stdin-file 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

i'm not sure i like the precedent for stack order that "with" set,
it seems like the word to be executed should be taken at the
top of stack.  i only implemented it as it is at the time because
i didn't know "rot>" existed.

also not 100% on the name of the word, hyphens aren't really used that way
in dusk, but also it looks a bit messy without them.

it is possible to recover the space in filespad after the file is closed,
although to prevent freeing other files it would be necessary to also keep
track of how much space "[f<]" uses, that way if some other word also called
"[f<]", we wouldn't rewind filespad.
-- >8 --
"with-stdin-file" opens a file, sets stdin to that file, executes a
[message trimmed]

Completing the filesystem interface 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

I'd like to mess around a bit with the new writing capability, but
the interface seems incomplete.

we have aliases for most filesystem operations, but not "fatflush" and 

also "stdout" is still missing.

i hesitate to add these myself because things could get a bit messy if 
you were
to add them independently.

[PATCH] add "bootfile" word 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

not 100% sure on the name, it could be read as an instruction (boot this 
instead of a statement (this file may be included in boot.fs).
("git am -c" to remove this)

-- >8 --

"bootfile" is a word that is serves multiple functions:
1. when a file is embedded in boot.fs, mark it as loaded
1A. making sure the file is not loaded again by ?f<<
1B. making the output of .floaded accurate
2. signal to the user that a file may be embedded in boot.fs
2A. and thus may be useful for bootstrapping
2B. and thus may have access to less words than normal

Re: [PATCH] inline variant of with 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

On 2022-07-10 12:42, Virgil Dupras wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 10, 2022, at 12:10 PM, binarycat wrote:
>> add "with[" "]with" "ahead" and "-rot"
>> Attachments:
>> * iwith.diff
> Thanks. First of all, have you read the new "Collective effort" paragraph I've
> added to the README? If yes, then I hope that my conditions don't seem
> unreasonable to you.
I did read it, yes.  it seems understandable, even if i don't fully agree.

[PATCH] inline variant of with 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

add "with[" "]with" "ahead" and "-rot"

[PATCH] extended read-line prototype 4 months ago

From binarycat to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

builds ontop of the grid system prototype to get line editing with arrow 
key support.

sys/rdln is not replaced to keep compatibility with systems without grid