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Hello there,

if you are using the Anemos initramfs for deployments, please take note 
of the following:

* A new branch "3.18" [1] has been created, from which we will continue 
to provide initramfs builds based on Alpine 3.18
* Builds from that branch are made available at [2]
* The master branch builds [3] (previously the only published builds) 
will soon start to be based on a later Alpine release (3.19 or 3.20)

What should I do?

- For least surprise, start downloading your base initramfs from [2]
- Once the update of master has happened and stabilized, another new 
stable branch will be created, which can then be tested and used
- The master branch builds should henceforth not be relied upon, unless 
you do the necessary testing before a production deploy.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this mail.


[1] https://git.sr.ht/~bitfehler/anemos-initramfs/tree/3.18
[2] https://anemos.io/initramfs/3.18/
[3] https://anemos.io/initramfs/master/
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