Portmod 2.6.0 (and 2.6.1)

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Portmod 2.6.0 has been released!

This release notably includes an optional read-only GUI which can be 
used to view installed packages and search for some new packages. This 
is I think the largest feature developed by someone other than me 
(thanks @poperigby!). Note that the GUI is in its early stages, so more 
will come, and feedback is appreciated on what has already been done, 
particularly in terms of any issues you run into getting it to work.
It also introduces support for versioned game engine stability, making 
it possible to mark packages as stable/testing/masked on specific game 

For full details, see the release page:

2.6.1 was then released shortly afterwards to fix a bug in the man page 
generation which also broke deployment to pypi.
See https://gitlab.com/portmod/portmod/-/releases/v2.6.1

Benjamin Winger
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