Mycorrhiza equivalent to MediaWiki's Special:WantedPages

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Hello o/

I've been messing with Mycorrhiza a bit over the last couple of days and
like it a lot! :)

One feature I'm missing, though, is an equivalent to MediaWiki's
Special:WantedPages page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:WantedPages

It's basically just a list of pages that are linked to but don't yet
exist. That workflow allows editors to brain dump, link pages as they
go, then come back days later to fill in broken links from across the
_whole_ wiki without having to look for them.

I'm still learning Go, but if this would be a welcome feature, I can
take a look at implementing it when I have some time. If Mycorrhiza
already has this functionality, I must have missed it and I apologise ^^'

Cheers \o
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Hello Amolith!

Yeah, that would make a wonderful feature. I myself want it.

To implement it, one would want to modify this file:

=> https://git.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/mycorrhiza/tree/master/item/backlinks/web.go

1. Add a new handler, `handlerWanted` for path `/wanted`.
2. In the handler, work with `backlinkIndex`. Iterate through every entry and see if the hypha
   exists? That sounds extremely ineffective. Gotta test. Maybe allow to admins only?

If you want to implement, feel free to! I will help you, if you want.

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