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Hello all,

Ahead of EmacsConf2020 we are now in the release candidate stage
for version 2.0.0!

This third release adds support for post summaries to be disabled (by
setting the variable to nil). Additionally, the planet functionality
received attention with correction to HTML/XML validation along with
some new CSS stylizations. Lastly, a previously unknown bug affecting
ox-hugo has been fixed allowing for Hugo users to have a better
experience using org-webring!

The second release candidate added support for variable truncation of
long syndicate names, preserving a more consistent UX/UI. It also
fixed numerous problems with the webring/planet on iOS/Webkit-based
browsers. Additionally, autoloading was implemented and tested.

The first release candidate added support for subtle CSS color
transitions on hover, granular post pinning (on the webring) and
filtering (on both the webring and the planet), and strict support for
RFC 2822 on date-time encoding (with better error messages).

Please consider testing this release, as every person testing and
reporting helps add to the success of this utility being demonstrated
at EmacsConf2020! It is especially important that testing be done on a
variety of GNU Emacs / Org-mode releases.

Here are a few examples of org-webring being used by fans!


If you would like to be included in the presentation for EmacsConf2020,
reply to this message!



Brett M. Gilio
GNU Project webmaster [https://gnu.org/help/]
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