Timeline loading blocked on residential IP address

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I run Bibliogram locally on my desktop in order to avoid the timeline
blocking issues that public servers run into. Sadly, now these same 
issues are affecting me as well, even though I'm on a residential IP
address. I don't run Bibliogram on a cloud provider [1], nor do I
slam Instagram with tons of requests; I use Bibliogram about twice
a week at most. This makes Bibliogram significantly harder for me to
use. Do you have any idea why this may be happening and how we can solve it?

Kyle Williams

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We don't have a workaround right now.

Whenever Bibliogram is blocked at home, are you able to access Instagram 
normally in your web browser (logged out)?

If you can access Instagram at a time when you cannot access Bibliogram 
then this could give us a lead into finding a workaround.
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