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Hello everyone, this is the first Bibliogram translations
announcement! Thank you for subscribing.

Thanks to the work of Bopol, the settings page can now be fully
translated! Here's the details on how you can add the settings page to
your own translation, or the translation of a language you understand.

If you need a refresher on how translation is done, you can find it in
the documentation:

Here are the new English changes (split across 2 commits):


Just to confirm, here is every new key that has a translation:

t_features, t_language, save_data, t_automatic, t_off, lazy_load,
t_full, rewrite_youtube, rewrite_twitter, remove_trailing_hashtags,
t_hide, link_hashtags, t_clickable, show_comments, t_display,
fast_navigation, t_enabled, infinite_scroll, t_normal, t_eager,
t_manual, t_appearance, t_theme, display_top_nav, t_always,
timeline_columns, t_dynamic, three_columns, four_columns, six_columns,
caption_side, left_caption, right_caption, display_alt_text, t_return,
t_save, save_and_return, pug_restore_sync_settings, settings_saved,

You can currently see the English and French translations live on
https://bibliogram.art/settings . Other languages will continue to
show English text on the settings page until they are also translated.

Hopefully this addresses everything, but if you still have questions
or want more information, please start a discussion by sending an
email to the address ~cadence/bibliogram-devel@lists.sr.ht

Thank you!
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