[Feature request] Improve "independent wiki" warnings

Nestor Evseev <evseev@disroot.org>
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Currently, "This independent wiki community has its own site" warning doesn't state if independent wiki is unfinished and/or has information that differs from its fandom variant. A small note that says if there's still any "exclusive" information left on fandom would be nice.

Combine OverWiki's page about Entropy Zero 2 is a "stub", while wiki project of fandom has a proper article. 

Aether wiki on wiki.gg is in *very* early stage and can't help anyone who wants to play the Aether mod:
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, I can't review the 
quality and completeness of 100+ independent wikis all by myself, for 
games I haven't played!

I can definitely make an alternate banner design, something smaller with 
text like "Blah Wiki is an up-and-coming alternative to Blah Fandom. 
Consider helping to edit a page there." If you or others can tell me 
about and give examples of independent wikis that don't have as much 
information as their Fandom counterparts, I can change those notices to 
the other design.

You may also like to visit /wiki/Special:Statistics on each one to 
compare the article count; note however that more articles doesn't 
necessarily mean better quality info. For example, despite 
pathofexile.fandom.com having more pages than poewiki.net, the fandom one 
hasn't been updated to align with game updates, and is mostly useless for 
current players:

Let me know your thoughts on this!
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