Non-fandom redirects – UESP, auto-redirect subdomain?

Mia yun Ruse <mia@yunru.se>
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Hi! The Elder Scrolls Wiki has a much better free alternative in UESP (compare [0] with [1]). It would be really useful to have a notice for this similar to NIWA for those not in the know; the UESP is far more complete – and, well, independent :)

[0] https://breezewiki.com/elderscrolls/wiki/Whiterun_(Skyrim)
[1] https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Whiterun

Also, is there any way to have these redirects be done automatically via URL (eg `?redirect=true`)?
I would love to be able to put that into my redirector, as I don’t think I would find myself *not* clicking the redirect to an independent wiki.

Thank you! ^^
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Thanks for telling me about UESP, that action item is tracked here: 


The issue with an automatic redirect is:
- imagine you've configured your browser to redirect fandom to breezewiki 
(because why wouldn't you)
- imagine you've asked breezewiki to redirect you to the independent wiki 
(because why wouldn't you)
And then you want to view specific info on the fandom page, let's say 
you're researching the topic heavily and want to view both forks of the 
page in case they have differing info - you literally can't view the 
other page now. You can't ask breezewiki to stop redirecting you because 
you can't get to breezewiki if it redirects immediately. It would suck to 
get stuck like this.

Another situation where you could get stuck is if you got there from 
google results and maybe editors on the independent wiki just haven't 
created a page for that thing yet. Another situation is maybe breezewiki 
is set up to send you to an independent wiki but that wiki's info just 
happens to be overall worse than fandom's version.

The core of the issue is that if breezewiki redirects you away, but you 
didn't want to be redirected, *you can't get to breezewiki to change your 
redirection settings.*

Thoughts on this? Maybe there's a solution I'm missing.

Thanks for the feedback!
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