Documentation for Automatic Redirection on iOS using Redirect Web for Safari

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In the docs section 2 Automatic Redirects at https://docs.breezewiki.com/Automatic_Redirection.html there were no instructions for setting up a redirect for iOS so I used an app on the app store to help me out! If these instructions are useful, feel free to add them to the site docs (or I can submit a pull request if/when I am able to create an account on the Gitdab :) ) They should work for safari on both macOS and iOS.

2.5 App: Redirect Web for Safari

If you want to be redirected in Safari on iOS or macOS, you can use Redirect Web for Safari.

1. Install [Redirect Web for Safari](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/redirect-web-for-safari/id1571283503)
2. Download this file
--- breezewiki.redirectweb
  "appVersion" : "5.1.1",
  "bundleID" : "io.github.mshibanami.RedirectWebForSafari",
  "createdAt" : "2023-12-29T09:39:20.571Z",
  "kind" : "RedirectList",
  "redirects" : [
      "captureGroupProcesses" : [

      "comments" : "",
      "destinationURLPattern" : "https:\/\/breezewiki.com\/$1\/wiki\/$2",
      "exampleURLs" : [
      "excludeURLPatterns" : [

      "isEnabled" : true,
      "kind" : "Redirect",
      "sourceURLPattern" : {
        "type" : "wildcard",
        "value" : "https:\/\/*.fandom.com\/wiki\/*"
      "title" : "fandom.com -> breezewiki.com"
3. Open the file with the Files app, click on the Share icon, click *Redirect Web*, and click *Import*. The redirect should now be enabled in Redirect Web's list.
4. Once it's imported, you can delete the *breezewiki.redirectweb* file.
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