bug report: fandom.com redirect in offline page is linked incorrectly

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i apologize if you receive several copies of this email. it said the
previous ones were not able to be delivered because of the html in
them, and it has taken me several attempts to remove it.

when clicking "view original on fandom com" on the "breezewiki is
offline" page, link redirects to https :// fandom
com/[fandom]/wiki/[name of page] instead of https :// [fandom].fandom
com/wiki/[name of page]. unsure if this applies to non-offline page as
well, since i had not tried it before then.

apologies if this has been submitted before. i looked at your to do
list and did not see anything that looked like it, but there were
several other bugs that seemed like they may have been link-related.
(i am not a programmer or web designer and have only enough
understanding of such to occasionally be able to modify website urls
and lead to a working page.)

i need to turn off the extension in order to access pages directly
from the fandom wiki, which is not too much of an issue since there
are copies of it which have working links. thank you for your patience
and i hope whatever you are attempting to do or fix that has made the
extension offline for so long works out well.
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