Re: [Feature request] Improve "independent wiki" warnings

Finn Galwey <finnfinity@msn.com>
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Totally understand not being able to check the independent wikis, I'm a
fan of the banners being there to show the option while allowing me to
browse with Breezewiki.

I'm not the first, though, to see the huge redirect banner and
think that that's all Breezewiki was offering me for a given wiki.
I'm on a 4k monitor so it doesn't even take up the whole screen for me,
I'm actually able to see some of the content presented below it
without scrolling (just missed it the first time because I'm a little daft), 
unlike another user I spoke to.

Would it be feasible for the banner to be more compact somehow?
Perhaps contain its text inside its own separate scroll area for smaller screens?
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