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The mobile UI could be improved.

- The home page text size is too small (compare to any wiki page)
- There are overflows (currently on all pages due to footer, I'm sending 
a patch for this) on lots of pages.
Examples (with footer-overflow patched):
- crosscode: the create page bar and embedded media URLs overflow
- NFS wiki: "NFS 2022" overflows

Other weird things:

- undertale hot dog: the footer is on top of "Items" box
- NFS wiki "vehicular games" footer is badly displayed: fandom vs 
BreezeWiki (see images)

crosscode: https://breezewiki.com/crosscode/wiki/CrossCode_Wiki
NFS wiki: https://breezewiki.com/nfs/wiki/Need_for_Speed_Wiki
untertale hot dog: https://breezewiki.com/undertale/wiki/Hot_Dog...%3F
images: https://farside.link/https://imgur.com/a/5zFcT6r
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