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I've sent this once but it didn't show up? I'm trying again after 
registering an account.

I have some ideas for improving (the wonderful) BreezeWiki's search 
experience, ordered by my hopefully accurate predictions for difficulty 
from easiest to hardest:

1. Make every item in the small results dropdown when you search from 
the top bar an <a> element instead of a <button> element. This would 
allow browsers to do linky actions on these items such as copying the 
link and opening it in a new tab.

2. When there is an article title that exactly matches the search query 
(other than letter case differences), just go to that article instead of 
going to the search results page.

3. Allow for keyboard navigation of items in the small results dropdown 
through the up and down arrow keys. Tab works, but I've become 
accustomed to arrows...

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