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I think that it might be worthwhile to retool the redirector UI a bit so
that it acts less as an apology for invidio.us being gone, for lack of a
better way of describing it, and instead as a more strictly functional
utility for directing users to a suitable Invidious instances. Moreso
because the "watch on another invidious" instance link can take you from
one instance to another without ever thinking about invidio.us along the
way, which makes it a bit of a non-sequitur. I am also updating my blog
links to Invidious videos to go through the redirector rather than to
any specific instance.

Cheers! Thanks for all of the good work.
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Sorry it took me so long to reply for this.

Thanks for the suggestion - I do like it, and I brought it up with the
Invidious people (who now manage a fork of this on GitHub, which I
believe is the version that's deployed?) They say that they still have
millions of incoming monthly requests to invidio.us, and weren't
thrilled about changing the language used.

It would be extremely easy if you wanted to host your own version for
personal use. I can only speak for the sourcehut version of the code,
but the HTML/JS/CSS is already compiled and in the repository, so you
can host the `build` directory on your favourite HTTP server.

If you want to change the text box and don't want to install the build
tools, you can again just go into `build` and replace the text that's
inside the HTML.

If you do edit the compiled files, please be careful about newlines,
since the class `story` has `white-space: pre-line` set.

And if you want to chase this upstream, you should get in contact with
the Invidious people directly.

Hope this is satisfactory!

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