2021-04-25 updates: Continuous mode

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New feature as of today: Continuous mode!

When enabled, continuous mode will autoplay videos, and automatically
proceed to the next video when the current one ends.

To use continuous mode, click the link at the top of the related
videos section. Once you're done, click the button in the large banner
below the video to turn it off, which will stop the current video from
advancing. Continuous mode is also turned off if you navigate away.

It works best with JavaScript, but it can still fall back to work
without it. If JavaScript is not available, then it's not possible to
detect when the current video reaches the end, but it is still
possible to redirect the page on a timer, which is what is done. This
works fine as long as you do not pause the video at all. If you like
pausing, turn on JavaScript.

Continuous mode will filter out duplicates from the related videos
list for that continuous session, so that you don't get stuck in a
loop of watching/listening to the same three things over and over.

Other recently added features are a JS licenses table for the LibreJS
extension, and descriptive labels for the different things in the
settings page.

You can try it all out on https://tube.cadence.moe right now.
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