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## Adding custom themes to CloudTube

#### NOTE: This file uses `custom` as the name of the custom theme, but it can be whatever you like, just make sure to stay consistent across all steps

1. Copy `sass/themes/_dark.scss` (or whatever base you prefer) into `sass/themes/_custom.scss`

2. Edit the new file by setting the colors you want the custom theme to use

3. Make a new file called `sass/custom.sass` and put
@use "themes/custom" as *
@use "includes/main" with ($_theme: $theme)
in it, optionally add
@use "theme-modules/edgeless" with ($_theme: $theme)
if you want to hide borders around the navigation bar and recommended videos list

4. Edit `server.js` and add a new entry at line 28:
server.addRoute("/static/css/edgeless-light.css", "sass/edgeless-light.sass", "sass")
server.addRoute("/static/css/custom.css", "sass/custom.sass", "sass")

5. Edit `pug/settings` and add a new entry at line 46:
{value: "2", text: "Edgeless light"},
{value: "3", text: "Custom"}
This will be the name shown in the settings menu when you go to select it, make sure to put a comma at the end of the previous entry (line 45)

6. Edit `pug/includes/layout.pug` and append the name of the theme in the array on line 6:
 - const theme = settings && ["dark", "light", "edgeless-light", "custom"][settings.theme] || "dark"
This must be the same name you put in steps 1 and 3

7. Restart CloudTube

That's it, enjoy your snazzy new theme!
Great job on using git-send-email! I added your documentation in
commit d805c160b7dfbe0387c616cc6c4dc5f5100bdd20
and then made my own changes on top of it in commit

Thanks so much for the contribution!