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Husky is a project that I did not make personally. I only took over the
maintenance of the project because it is an application that I use
daily. It is also going to be a pet project of mine to do stuff (more in
another email).

But I want to give a big thank you to the people that are helping in one
way or another in this project:

  - Tusky: This project is a copy of Tusky with modifications for the
    Pleroma API. But the base is Tusky.

    Thank you all!

  - a1batross: He is the previous maintainer of Husky, and he did an
    amazing job with the application.

    Thank you, man!

  - Newt and Karolat: They are the guys behind Stereophonic, the Pleroma
    instance I am using for my personal account and for testing stuff
    with Pleroma (while not flooding the system itself).

    Thank you guys!

  - Amolith: He is _the sysadmin_ behind NixNet (also the Pleroma
    instance I was user not so long ago). Also, he is responsible that I
    got this email account, and therefore, he enabled me the posibility
    of using email for communication with the Internet and such stuff.

    Thank you, man!

  - Sourcehut: The platform where Husky lives now. It's awesome, doesn't
    lack any functionality I look for in a forge, and it's free software!

    Thank you, Drew and all contributors, for making it!

  - All the users who use the application and report stuff to fix, and
    all the people testing random stuff I make to make sure everything

    Thank you all!

If I left someone, thank you too!

Soon more releases with more interesting stuff, fixes, and who knows!

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