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As far as I know, since I started maintaining Husky, a lot of people
complained about the fact that is managed using email.

A lot of people tells me to use Pleroma as a platform for reporting
problems. And I will say it again, and again: Pleroma is not suitable
for project development. I **do not care** if other people use it as

So I decided to compromise a bit with you.

Starting today, there is another issue tracker available if you don't
want to report stuff over email. It's hosted at Codeberg and you can
find it at https://codeberg.org/Husky/husky-issues.

Although this issue tracker is for those who don't want to use email,
SourceHut still is the main platform. Therefore, issues reported by
email will be prioritized (that doesn't mean I'm not gonna pay attention
to the new issue tracker).

Because this is not the wild west, there is also rules. Please, check
the documentation provided at the man pages[man]. **Rules are enforced**.

Also, since I meant to ditch GitHub, the new releases are also hosted at
Codeberg. If you provide your users with a link to any of those, update
your links. You can find the new releases hosting at
https://codeberg.org/Husky/husky-dist/tags (releases will still be
provided at SourceHut).

I also created an announcements account that you can find looking for
`husky (at) stereophonic (dot) space`. That account **is only for
announcements**. Support is not and will be not given there. Please
follow the proper channels.

I hope that, since I'm going to make the effort to manage two issue
trackers, you also make an effort to open tickets properly.


[man]: https://man.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky-man/
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