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Hello there!

I tagged the version 1.3.0-beta2 for Husky.

You can find the APK of this version attached to the tag in the

You can find the changelog in this version by seeing the HISTORY[history]
and a more detailed log looking at the tag[tag].

Quick changelog:

   - Update some dependencies (e.g. Kotlin up to 1.7.0).

   - Fixed int conversation_id to String (Gleasonator-related, but it
     could affect other backends).

   - Custom emoji reactions for Akkoma (thanks to Helene).

Codeberg beta release is also updated[codeberg]. There are two APKs (this
also applies to the SourceHut release):

   - husky_beta: Normal APK installable over the stable APK.

   - husky_beta_package: This APK has the package name changed, so you can
     install it along the F-Droid version or the sideloaded APK.

Please report any bug by sending an email to the devel
mailist[husky-devel], preferably, or by going to the husky-issues



NOTE: the signature of this APK is not the same as the Husky at F-Droid
or the Play Store. Please uninstall the previous version and install
this in order to use this APK. A function to export-and-import data
from one version to another will be implemented in the future.

[codeberg]: https://codeberg.org/Husky/husky-dist/releases/tag/beta
[codeberg-husky]: https://codeberg.org/Husky/husky-issues
[husky-devel]: https://lists.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky-devel
[tag]: https://git.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky/refs/1.3.0-beta2
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