Roadmap to 1.4.0

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Hello, fellow Husky users!

The idea of sending this email is to let you know what will be done in
Husky for the next milestone (1.4.0), so you'll know what to expect in
term of features. Bugfixes, if they're not _really important_, won't be

This is what to expect for Husky 1.4.0:

   - UnifiedPush provider, for push notifications. This is a really
     requested feature and I'm working to add it to Husky. The
     1.4.0-beta1 will contain the first implementation, and I hope to get
     emails from you reporting any issue.

   - Migrate from Dagger to Koin. As I explained in my personal blog,
     this will allow me to clean all the dependency injection done in
     Husky and to get into middle ground for the future refactor of the app
     to a single-activity app with simple-stack. More in the future.

   - The draft for a InstanceRepository, as Tusky does, to get the
     instance's information for (future) features and for other stuff
     already implemented into the app. This won't be noticed by the user,
     maybe, but it sure will help us, developers.

   - Dependency updates, as always, fixing bugs that could affect the

   - Maybe bugfixes if some are found and/or reported.

That'd be all for this milestone!
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