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Hello there!

I tagged the version 1.4.0-beta2 for Husky.

You can find the APK of this version attached to the tag in the

You can find the changelog in this version by seeing the HISTORY[history]
and a more detailed log looking at the tag[tag].

Quick changelog:

       - All of the beta1 changes.

       - Changed the DI from Dagget to Koin (for future changes).

       - More views to ViewBinding.

       - Support to the Bubble timeline in Akkoma (thanks to  Tristan Henderson).

Since this is a beta release, there will be two different packages:

       - beta: You can install it over your actual Husky (if you are using
         the releases I am  making).

       - beta_pkg: It has a different package name, so you can have the
         stable version and the beta version installed along.

I recommend you to enable the CrashHanlder (Preferences -> Enable
CrashHandler email reporting) and send me the stacktrace if the
application crashes.

Please report any bugs by sending an email to the devel


PS.: From now on, APKs from betas will be deleted from the tags as soon
as the stable version is released. I might look for a way to host those
files just in case (testing purposes). Beta releases are not published
at F-Droid.


NOTE: the signature of this APK is not the same as the Husky at F-Droid
or the Play Store. Please uninstall the previous version and install
this in order to use this APK. A function to export-and-import data
=66rom one version to another will be implemented in the future.

[history]: https://git.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky/tree/master/item/HISTORY
[husky-devel]: https://lists.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky-devel
[tag]: https://git.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky/refs/1.4.0-beta2
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