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Re: Status of text rendering 18 days ago

From Christophe Meessen to ~eliasnaur/gio

I checked HintingNone and HintingFull gives better result.

Since this mailing list is text only, I can’t provide images to show the 

Does GIO perform gamma correction ? If yes, could it be possible to 
disable it to see if the problem result from gamma correction ?

My impression is that image/font doesn’t do gamma correction.


Re: Status of text rendering 19 days ago

From Christophe Meessen to ~eliasnaur/gio


after exploring a bit GIO code it seam that GIO is building text as a 
sequence of glyph paths. I assume the path is then filled by the GPU to 
render the text. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The fuzziness may then result from a "misalignment" of the glyphs with 
the pixel grid. A letter I for instance may end up partially covering 
two vertical pixel stripes, instead of one. As a consequence, the 
anti-aliazing rasterizer will render it as a fat gray vertical line 
instead of a one pixel wide black vertical line. This problem could be 
fixed by enforcing an alignment of the glyphs to the pixel grid, but GIO 
make abstraction of the pixel grid and display resolution. So I don’t 
know how it could be possible to fix that.

Status of text rendering 20 days ago

From Christophe Meessen to ~eliasnaur/gio

Hello, I’m new to the GIO community and consider to contribute to the 

I have noticed that Text rendering is not optimal. It appears grey and 
fuzzy instead of black and crisp on my display.

Is there anybody already working on this issue ? If not, I’ll try to 
understand why and if possible suggest a fix.

By the way, I prefer working with github. What is the status of the 
github mirror. There are a few pending pull requests.

Bien cordialement,