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Recent activity

[PATCH mepo] Allow cancelling interactive DL after 1st prompt 10 days ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mil/mepo-devel

 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_dbg_queuedownloadinteractive.sh | 10 +++++-----
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/mepo_ui_menu_dbg_queuedownloadinteractive.sh b/scripts/mepo_ui_menu_dbg_queuedownloadinteractive.sh
index de97118350b7..99f2082a7142 100755
--- a/scripts/mepo_ui_menu_dbg_queuedownloadinteractive.sh
+++ b/scripts/mepo_ui_menu_dbg_queuedownloadinteractive.sh
@@ -15,16 +15,16 @@ main() {
    PROMPT="Download Zoom Min:" mepo_ui_helper_menu.sh 

[message trimmed]

[PATCH mepo] Silence curl's progress bar 10 days ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mil/mepo-devel

I have a déjà vu discussing this before but could not find the log,
should it be something like mepo_dl_helper.sh instead?
 scripts/mepo_dl.sh                             | 2 +-
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_reposition_nominatim.sh   | 2 +-
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_route_graphhopper.sh      | 4 ++--
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_route_overpassrelation.sh | 2 +-
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_search_nominatim.sh       | 4 ++--
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_search_overpass.sh        | 2 +-
 scripts/mepo_ui_menu_user_pin_updater.sh       | 2 +-
 7 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/mepo_dl.sh b/scripts/mepo_dl.sh
index 6f84bc4523ec..b5bc0b9816d2 100755
[message trimmed]

[PATCH mepo] Let MepoFnSpecArg be inferred 10 days ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mil/mepo-devel

This avoid extra slicing, but practically it's mostly a cosmetic surgery
removing the punctuation soup where possible.
 src/api/_FnTable.zig          | 2 +-
 src/api/bind_button.zig       | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_click.zig        | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_gesture.zig      | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_key.zig          | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_quit.zig         | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_signal.zig       | 4 ++--
 src/api/bind_timer.zig        | 4 ++--
 src/api/cache_dlbbox.zig      | 4 ++--
 src/api/cache_dlradius.zig    | 4 ++--
 src/api/cache_queueclear.zig  | 2 +-
[message trimmed]

[PATCH mepo] Plug some leaks in async shell pipe 10 days ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mil/mepo-devel

 src/api/shellpipe_async.zig | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/api/shellpipe_async.zig b/src/api/shellpipe_async.zig
index 63c919a0caeb..a7487fa37b27 100644
--- a/src/api/shellpipe_async.zig
+++ b/src/api/shellpipe_async.zig
@@ -34,11 +34,12 @@ fn async_shellpipe(mepo: *Mepo, unique_handle_id: i8, cmd: []const u8) !void {
    sp_req.unique_handle_id = unique_handle_id;
    sp_req.cmd = try mepo.allocator.dupeZ(u8, cmd);
    sp_req.mepo = mepo;
    _ = sdl.SDL_CreateThread(async_shellpipe_run, "async_shellpipe", sp_req);
    sdl.SDL_DetachThread(sdl.SDL_CreateThread(async_shellpipe_run, "async_shellpipe", sp_req));
[message trimmed]

Re: Permanent temporary solutions of future past a month ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~cnx/loang

On 2024-05-11 at 22:35+09:00, Nguyễn Gia Phong wrote:
> [Ubuntu Server's] installer doesn't install bootloader on the eMMC.
> Instead of writing the bootloader from StarFive's image, I decided
> to be lazy and just clean up and upgrade StarFive's Debian [1]
> to current Sid.  This, BTW, might have been a mistake, because unlike
> Ubuntu which colaborates with StarFive and applies its patches on
> the current kernel, Debian does not and we are stuck with Linux 6.1.
> For now, it's doing well enough but a reinstall is almost required
> [...]  I will also to convert the file system into Btrfs and set up
> local backup.
> 1: https://debian.starfivetech.com

Permanent temporary solutions of future past a month ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~cnx/loang

Hello, friends,

Before I dive into the details, let me clarify that this is
not within the official scope of the loang network, basically
to give me a free pass to move fast and break things.  It also means
that this spin-off project shall not affect the quality of services
officially listed on https://loang.net.

Now you may ask: so what is it and why should we care?  The story
goes way back to the creation of the world.  As you all know,
our good green earth used to be carried by a giant turtle.
That turtle is, in turn, supported by an even larger turtle, and so on.
It's been turtles all the way down, until one day the Oracle of Japan
gave birth to an Italian man named Mario.  Unlike their German allies,

Re: [PATCH] create qbe(1) manpage a month ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mpu/qbe

On 2024-04-30 at 10:08+02:00, Jonne Ransijn wrote:
> On 30/04/2024 02:44, Nguyễn Gia Phong wrote:
> > I wonder if help2man is net-beneficial in this case.
> > It would [...] make sure the option descriptions are in sync
> There is also [scdoc][1] for simple, human-written man pages.
> [1]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/scdoc

To clarify, help2man would take synposis, description and options
from e.g. qbe -h, although qbe help string needs to be tweaked a bit
to conform with the expected format to get the precise section name:

-qbe [OPTIONS] {file.ssa, -}

Re: [PATCH] create qbe(1) manpage a month ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~mpu/qbe

On 2024-04-28 at 21:07-03:00, Guilherme Puida wrote:
> +The options are as follows:

I wonder if help2man is net-beneficial in this case.
It would be an (optional) dependency to build the man page,
but make sure the option descriptions are in sync,
and allow for other additional sections to be easier to write:

Mailing list moved to chung@loa.loang.net a month ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~cnx/loang


I finally finished setting up the public-inbox server at loa.loang.net.
It will replace lists.sr.ht as the official host for our mailing list.

Unlike other mailing list software, public-inbox does not push
new messages to subscribers' inbox, but let them pull updates
through various means, as currently set up, IMAP, Atom feed
and HTML archives.  Not only this ``pull'' model is cheaper to operate,
but also readers can subscribe or unsubscribe without any explicit
action from the server.

The new list's address is chung@loa.loang.net and the recommended
subscription method (for the ease of responding) is directly

Towards serverless computing and democracy 2 months ago

From Nguyễn Gia Phong to ~cnx/loang


As y'all may notice, our VPS provider has trouble aligning
maintenance downtime with the rest of the real Internet,
so sometime we suffer outtage when the big playaz are still rocking
on their big infra.

I've grown to find this inacceptable.  For better consistency,
we will be gradually moving over AWS Lambda to sychronize
our downtime with the rest of real professional world.
Databases and media storage will be split out over AWS S3,
Azure and GCS to make sure we are not suspiciously functional
when none of apps the free western world is working.