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KDE 5.15 + Wayland = Love. 25 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle-hackers

Just upgraded my KDE from 5.14 to 5.15 from Arch's [kde-unstable]

In changelog of 5.15 you could see that KDE implemented support of some
pieces of Wayland protocol. As example, titleless programs from 5.14 now
have titles. This is important to me, because I use MPV and Alacritty.

Games are fine too: native osu!lazer and Fallout: New Vegas in Wine
seems have no problems.

I've decided to switch to Wayland as the default session because issues
with it are miserable.

H... hey, GNOME? Are you doing something with your Shell? It still uses

Re: AMD R5 240 or a video card for less than $20. 25 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle-hackers

[commagray@Canterlot ~]$ sudo rmmod radeon
rmmod: ERROR: Module radeon is not currently loaded
[commagray@Canterlot ~]$ sudo rmmod amdgpu
rmmod: ERROR: Module amdgpu is in use
[commagray@Canterlot ~]$ xdriinfo
Screen 0: radeonsi

Something strange, hmm.

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AMD R5 240 or a video card for less than $20. 26 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle-hackers

So, after a couple of years of suffering with integrated graphics, I've
got a card in the subject. And it's amazing if you don't want to play
and only have all latest features.

Sadly, OpenBSD doesn't support hardware acceleration for it --- only
software rendering via LLVMPipe. Consider using GNU/Linux for the smooth
experience. (GNU/Windows, I would say, heh.)

Well, after installing our lovely Arch, by default you will use
xf86-video-ati driver. And someone could stop on that --- it has good
support and performance. But if not...

I was wondering about support of AMDGPU driver. On the Internet you
could find many outdated information which says that AMDGPU supports

Re: [meta] Mailing lists location 27 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

Okay, I have created ~commagray/mle-hackers for tech discussions (like
our #softach in Matrix) and ~commagray/mle-issues for reporting stuff.

So, ~commagray/mle is now non-tech zone, I hope. Need to flood it with
ponies to show that. :3

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Re: [meta] Mailing lists location 27 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 04:21:44PM +0500, Timur Demin wrote:
> Using a development-focused service for regular talks... well, you get
> the point.
Ohh... MLE now isn't about development or what. But yeah, I'll create
something like ~commagray/mle-development and ~commagray/vault to
separate all things and increase readability. Thanks for a tip!
> Since you have a mail server deployed on your side anyways, you really
> should deploy mailman or any other mailing lists software, and migrate
> there.
This is a long-term issue. I'll do that when sr.ht will release beta
or something like that with a full documentation and, desirable, Docker
files for deploying. For now, I don't mind to pay $2 to ~sircmpwn. :D


[#ponies] Greatest fits of 2018. 29 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

> https://www.horse-news.org/2019/01/mlp-chooses-2018-award-winners.html

Well, a boring top, but the Lyra GIF and dub of 100th episode are
pretty interesting to see.

> https://derpibooru.org/1850780
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PufZlcoUKqY

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[#software] I moved to OpenBSD, again. 30 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

Nothing special with it, actually. I'm just tired.

Now interesting about the system itself:

- I can now scroll framebuffer console, yay! A killer feature.

- Speaking of console, it got a new default font called Spleen.
And, heck, I can read it without the blood from my eyes. Someone
can call it strange and somehow ugly, but because I'm a sick bastard,
I like it.

- And you can install it from the ports to use it in your XTerm.

- Chromium is now sandboxed via pledge(2) and unveil(2). It can't

[#music] Reznor plays in Cloak of Altering? 30 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

> https://gnawtheirtongues.bandcamp.com/track/particle-mist
> https://youtu.be/dO12h46EOyQ?t=217

Just compare this at 4:15 and Trent's song, lol.

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[#anime] Aggretsuko by Kéké. 30 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

> https://twitter.com/Kekeflipnote/status/1084918287463522311


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[#software] Venom — modern Tox client. 30 days ago

From Coma Grayce to ~commagray/mle

> https://github.com/naxuroqa/Venom

Выглядит многообещающе, честно говоря. Как Fractal или Dino, только для

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