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[#software] I moved to OpenBSD, again.

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Nothing special with it, actually. I'm just tired.

Now interesting about the system itself:

- I can now scroll framebuffer console, yay! A killer feature.

- Speaking of console, it got a new default font called Spleen.
And, heck, I can read it without the blood from my eyes. Someone
can call it strange and somehow ugly, but because I'm a sick bastard,
I like it.

- And you can install it from the ports to use it in your XTerm.

- Chromium is now sandboxed via pledge(2) and unveil(2). It can't
read or write outside its directories which is good, I think.

- F to your startx and .xinitrc, Xorg now can be launched only via

- Everything is really fast after Arch with GNOME.

And... that's it. Use OpenBSD, it's good and will be better.

Breathe us in. Slowly.                                                9