Groningen, The Netherlands


I am interested in computational linguistics and machine learning. In recent years, I have worked on natural language generation and neural network-based dependency parsers.

I use macOS, Linux (NixOS), Rust, Go, and a smattering of UNIX tools (awk, make, bourne shell).


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Re: Slides missing for some later ELAML lectures 1 year, 3 months ago

From Daniƫl de Kok to ~danieldk/public-inbox

On Mon, May 27, 2019, at 06:21, Samrat Man Singh wrote:
> Hello, Thanks for putting up the slides to your ELAML course. For some
> of the later lectures, slides are not linked to from the list of
> lectures.
> Was this intentional? Would it be possible to make slides for these
> lecture available as well?

Thanks your interest in the slides. It was not fully intentional. I have
now added the slides about interior mutability and reference counting.
Some image is missing for the suffix array & petgraph slides, so I'll
have to go through my backups to find them.

We actually never got to macros ;).