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FUTO 11 days ago

From Robin Couto to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

I just learned about this from Louis Rossmann during the first part of
his recent video [0] ...

"FUTO is a new organization founded to develop technology and share
knowledge that gives control of computers back to the people." [1]

The overview of their social media strategy has me wondering if they
intend to reinvent (something resembling) the Fediverse. I can only
wonder because everything I might know about federation is what I might
vaguely remember from your blog.

At any rate, someone with finances seems to have aimed squarely at a
Real Problem, so that's neat. I expect they certainly will give grants
for open hardware projects in the future, considering that Rossmann got

Re: The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers 2 years ago

From Rob Couto to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Thank you.

I have mixed feelings about WebGL-- sometimes it's fun, not like
this morning when the opportunistic GLSL recompilation choked to
death on some half-written bits as I was writing them and crashed
all my hundred tabs. I'd still rather be running "a program" like
it's 1999, without the extra (NN watt) cost of shoehorning it into
a browser. But WebCL never made a single bit of sense to me. I
cannot imagine being the person who looks at a twenty-teraFLOP job
and says, "Oh, I want/we need that to happen inside a web page"

Obscene is the correct word, IMO.