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git repository has vanished 2 months ago

From Divya Ranjan to ~sircmpwn/

I have a personal website of mine[0] hosted on sourcehut pages, I created about an year or more ago because I wanted to not rely on anything like GitHub for its proprietary ties. For one reason or another, I was not able to keep up with updating the page. Life happened. Now, when I started looking for the page's git repo[1], I see nothing!

This is absurd to me, since I checked my local directory and it didn't have a copy either and I wondered it's probably me who must've deleted it or something. But how could the remote repository be removed? It's not even removed, it shows the repository was added 1y3m ago, it just has nothing on it.

The website it links to is the correct one, and something more absurd to me is that the page loads the last updated version of the git repo. So, if my sourcehut doesn't have the latest repo where is it loading the pages from?

I pay for the domain every year despite my financial situation, so I'd really not like to lose the website. And especially out of no fault from my side, there can't be because I haven't updated it in a long time! So I haven't really checked or done anything with the repo since then, and how could something happen to it without me doing anything?

Divya Ranjan,