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4.1.0 release a month ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi everyone,

Soupault 4.10.0 release is available now: 

Here's what changed:

## New features

### Deleting only elements that do not have certain children

The `delete_element` widget has a new option: `when_no_child`.

For example, suppose you have footnotes container in your template that

Re: Output of `pandoc --standalone` is treated as partial page a month ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

I'm sorry — I was quite tired and forgot to `git add` a file, so I had 
to amend and force-push a fix.

Please pull from the repo and try again, and let me know if there are 
any issues.

Also, FIY: I have a tiny feature in mind and a fix that is already 
complete in OTOML,
then I can make a release since I have no other plans and the bug you've 
found is serious enough
to warrant a release ASAP.

On 4/17/24 23:25, Auguste Baum wrote:
> As it turns out, I can't get it to build on my machine (NixOS). I get 

Re: Output of `pandoc --standalone` is treated as partial page a month ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Auguste,

You have found a bug.
I inadvertently broke the whole complete page functionality when I added 
a fix for https://github.com/PataphysicalSociety/soupault/issues/58

The cause is that the default HTML parsing function can introduce 
unfortunate corrections so I added a fixup
to force parsing of pages that may be templated in the "body fragment" 
mode, without realizing that that mode
will delete <html> element if it's present to force the result to a 
valid body fragment.

I've just pushed a fix:

Re: soupaul novice 3 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

On 2/17/24 10:51, nik gaffney wrote:

> On 2024-02-17 11:44, Xavier B. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm recent user of soupalt. I previously used some other static site 
>> generators. I have two questions in mind:
>> when I create file site/a.html, then soupault stores in 
>> output_dir/a/index.html. Is there any way to store in 
>> output_dir/a.html (that is preserve relative location)

Re: Soupault atom feed has HTML links removed from its content 4 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi John,

Hmm, that is odd, I'll take a look. That's probably a bug in my Atom 
generator script, thanks for reporting that!

On 1/19/24 19:43, John Jackson wrote:
> The Soupault website's atom feed has HTML links removed from each 
> entry's content. At first I thought it was a bug in my feed reader, 
> but I double-checked https://soupault.app/atom.xml to confirm.
> See the first sentence of the most recent entry as an example:
> > Soupault 4.8.0 is available for download from and from .

Is soupault's capability to process sites that don't fit in RAM important to you? 5 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of one possible simplification of soupault's internals that 
can only come at cost of an incompatible change.
That change shouldn't affect any of the current users I know of, but I 
want to ask what you all think about it.

The feature in question is the ability to process websites that don't 
fit in RAM.

When I was writing the first soupault version, I did a survey of 
existing SSG implementations
and found that all of they loaded all pages in RAM before doing any 

Re: New soupault-built site 6 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Beau,

Thanks, I'll add it.

One oddity, by the way: selecting text on your page is challenging 
because the selected text background color is the same as the background 
Please adjust your CSS to make selected text visible.

On 11/9/23 21:24, beau@beauhilton.com wrote:
> Quite a belated response, apologies. I didn't see your email back until just now,
> as I'm making some substantial updates to the site.

Re: conditionally skip publication of a page 6 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Raphaël,

This is an interesting question. The usual way to skip a draft page is 
to use the `settings.ignore_extentions` option,
but that's purely static and won't work for your idea.

What could work is the save hook 
You could check the date from the index entry there and just do nothing 
if the date is in the future.
There's https://soupault.app/reference-manual/#Date.to_timestamp to 
convert dates to UNIX timestamps for easy comparison,
ignoring the issue of timezones (I intentionally decided not to open 
that can of worms ;).

Re: i18n and index.views on normal pages? 7 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault


 >why are index views limited to index.* pages?

The practical answer is that you can make index data available to all 
pages with `index.index_first = true`

Now a longer answer as to why it's not the default... the reason why 
index data is only available to index pages by default
is that I wanted soupault to be able to handle websites that are larger 
than the available amount of memory.

Re: excluding directories from the site directory 8 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Pradeep,

There's no option to ignore a list of directories now, only an option to 
ignore specific file extensions (`settings.ignore_extensions`).
It's pretty easy to add, though, I just haven't had a use case for it 
and never thought about it before
I'll add it in the next release.

If you want to test it when I add it but don't have an OCaml setup,
I can send you a preview build if you tell me what OS you use.

On 10/9/23 17:51, Pradeep Kishore Gowda wrote:
> Specifically, I use `Obsidian.md` which saves the .obsidian directory inside the site directory and all the plugins (node_modules) inside. This considerably increases the processing time by processing all those extra directories.