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Soupault 4.0.0-beta2 3 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi everyone,

Originally I planned to release soupault 4.0.0 in early March.
Then those horrific events started happening in the world, and everyone, 
myself included, got much more important things to worry about.

My goal for soupault 4.0.0 is to bring it to as many people as possible.
That's why I gave the website an overhaul and prepared a big post that 
goes beyond just a list of new features and can serve as an introduction 
to soupault for those who see it for the first time.

Obviously, any such release will be overshadowed by the news though, so 
I suppose it will have to wait until the current crisis comes to at 
least some semblance of resolution.

Soupault 4.0.0-beta1 4 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi everyone,

I've just uploaded soupault 4.0.0-beta1 to

Hi everyone,

I've just uploaded soupault 4.0.0-beta1 to 
and to https://files.baturin.org/software/soupault/4.0.0-beta1/.

There are multiple new features:

     Index processors can be written in Lua, which enables not only 
greater control but also allows generating taxonomy pages and paginated

Re: How to best unwrap an element using plugins? 7 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Toastal,

 >but something about it seems off—particularly with text nodes

Could you clarify, does HTML.children not consider text nodes children 
in that case?
 From a quick test (direct with lambdasoup), it should work as expected.

top # Soup.parse ("<p>foo <span>bar</span> baz</p>") |> Soup.select_one 
"p" |> Option.get |>  Soup.children |> Soup.to_list |> List.map 
Soup.to_string ;;
- : string list = ["foo "; "<span>bar</span>"; " baz"]

Or it's something else that is wrong?

Re: Specify Where to Insert HTML 8 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

I've just added a usage example to the docs.
The manual didn't say anything about the type of the `old` argument
value, which was indeed an unfortunate and confusing omission.

On 10/8/21 1:50 PM, arashi@tutanota.de wrote:
>  I have it working the way I'd like thank you.

Re: Specify Where to Insert HTML 8 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Amy,

The HTML.insert_after accepts an element reference as an argument rather
than a tag name (so that you can insert something after any identifiable
element rather than just the first one with specific tag name).
You need to select the element you want to insert something after, then
pass it to that function.


title_elem = HTML.select_one(page, "head title")
HTML.insert_after(title_elem, some_other_elem)

Let me know if it works for you. You can also attach the complete plugin

Re: Reclarification of the Git mirror status + Nix 10 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

My plan is to sort out the automatic mirroring at the very least,
whatever it takes. I have half a design for a mirroring daemon in mind,
though it still needs to be fleshed out, and I'm not sure if there won't
be unexpected pitfalls (but I hope there will not be).

I also believe that we need a federated bug tracker service independent
from code hosting, and that having "issues" in repositories is an
approach that is both limiting (no bug tracking for projects with more
than one repo) and prone to anti-patterns (issues as support requests).

On 8/16/21 5:05 PM, toastal wrote:
>> I think I'd prefer it to be in the upstream Nix
> Roger.

Re: Reclarification of the Git mirror status + Nix 10 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi toastal,

>do we want still want the Nix derivation to _not_ be in the `soupault`
repo and instead only be in upstream Nix

I think I'd prefer it to be in the upstream Nix, because I indeed lack
skills to update and fix it if needed. If it's in the upstream repo, it
will be looked after by people who have far more Nix experience than I do.

>I didn’t see your pronouns listed at glance on any social media or in
the “about” blog section

Dani[ie]l is a common male name of Jewish/biblical origin in many
countries. I always assumed it's so common that specifying pronouns

Re: title widget selects wrong 11 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi toastal,

Wow, that's an interesting gotcha! Could you send me a complete page for
I think I already can see how I can make the select function behave
correctly, just need something to test with.

Regarding the codeberg repo, I need to make some automated solution for
keeping the repos is sync.
Do you know any good solutions? I was thinking of writing one myself
because I couldn't find any,
but I hope I was wrong and just couldn't find them.

On 7/11/21 7:26 PM, toastal wrote:

Re: Nix derivation in the project? 1 year, 27 days ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

>Soupault is not a part of `nixpkgs`, but it could be.

Agree. I definitely would like to make it easier to install for users of
different OSes/distros, it's just time and release lifecycle constraints
that prevent me from working on it (for the record, I'm a Fedora user

From a quick look at nixpkgs, all OCaml libraries required to build
soupault 2.7.0 are already there, and they seem reasonably quick to
merge pull requests if new dependencies are needed.

>The disadvantage is now this project has to maintain package management
code for a single platform that perhaps its users don’t care to use.

Re: Multi-line string not working in .conf 1 year, 2 months ago

From Daniil Baturin to ~dmbaturin/soupault

Hi Edison,

They work for me, so this is odd. See

I'll need to see your config to tell anything and reproduce the issue.

On 4/19/21 11:17 PM, Edison Orellana wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup my index.views but my triple quote multi line
> string isn't working for the index_item_template setting.
> When I run ./soupault it gives errors about control characters needing
> to be escaped. Any advice?
> Best,