Soupault 1.10.0 release

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Soupault 1.10.0 is available for download from
https://files.baturin.org/software/soupault/1.10.0/ <https://files.baturin.org/software/soupault/1.9.0/> and can also be
installed from opam.

Release announcement is also in the project blog:
https://soupault.neocities.org/blog/soupault-1.10.0-release/ <https://soupault.neocities.org/blog/soupault-1.9.0-release/>

## Verifying release integrity

Since 1.9.0, soupault uses minisign
(https://jedisct1.github.io/minisign/) rather than PGP for release signing.
If you are new to signify/minisign, you should read "signify: Securing
OpenBSD From Us To You" paper by Ted Unangst
There's much less overhead compared to PGP, and the keys are much
shorter due to less metadata embedded in them and use of
newer elliptic curve algorithms.

You can verify the releases using this key:

For example:

minisign -Vm soupault-1.10.0-win32.zip -P

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the key, feel free to
contact me directly.

## Bug fixes

Files without extensions are now handled correctly (used to cause an unhandled exception).

## New features

Plugin auto-discovery: a file "plugins/my-plugin.lua" will be automatically registered as a widget named "my-plugin".
You can disable it with "plugin_discovery = false" under [settings], and change the list of plugin lookup directories
with an option like plugin_dirs = ["plugins", "/usr/share/soupault/plugins"]

Other improvements:
* "Monadic" HTML module API
* Functions for working with multiple selectors
* HTML.get_tag_name function
* Sys.is_unix and Sys.is_windows
Thomas Letan
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<b330acc4-c14e-5fc3-a07a-d6c7a1bd1653@baturin.org> (view parent)
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Congratulations on this new release!

I am particularly happy with

> Plugin auto-discovery: a file "plugins/my-plugin.lua" will be
> automatically registered as a widget named "my-plugin".

Again, thanks for taking the time to implement it!

Happy soupault hacking everyone.



> https://soupault.neocities.org/blog/soupault-1.10.0-release/ <https://soupault.neocities.org/blog/soupault-1.9.0-release/>

For interested but lazy readers, the actual URL is