Can we access the values in [settings] and [widgets.whatever]?

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Can we access the values in [settings] and [widgets.whatever]?

So I mean two things...

   widget = 'insertHTML'
   html    = '<hr>'
we can access config.widget and config.html and get those values. But I 
am interested in accessing the value newSection. Is that possible right now?

Next for settings:

plugins_dir = ['plugins','plugins/soupault','plugins/add1tocobol']
site = 'site'
build = 'build'
anyothervar = 'whatever'
even_our_own_made_up_variables = 'something'
html = '<br><hr><br>'

can we access them somehow similar to config.variables with something 
like settings.variable (and settings['variable'])? Is that available 

Having this would allow me to check for settings.some_widget_default 
like say settings.html along the lines of...

if config.html then
   html = config.html
elseif settings.html
   html = settings.html

If the widget in question does not have html set then i can pull a 
default from settings..

The next is along the same lines but slightly different...

   html = '<sometags>'
   something = 'something else'

So with widget-defaults... this would allow to override the normal 
defaults for a plugin, and they would be handed to the plugin via 
config.variable and the plugin would be none the wiser exactly as if the 
user had set that directly for the plugin in question.

In the meantime, if these are not available at the moment, i am going to 
create a separate file in the soupault home alongside soupault.conf. 
This way users can set whatever settings they want and not get 
overwritten by a plugin update...
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