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I was watching a "documentary" on Aliens and how there is a universal conscienceless. 
A sense of oneness was communicated and that Aliens would have to be inherently peaceful. 
That was really nice, and I kept watching.

In the middle of watching this movie, a claim was made that really intrigued me. 
A test was done at a reputable university were a plant was placed in a corner of a pitch black room. 
In the middle of the room, a light was position that would randomly point at each corner. 
This light was controlled by a random number generator.

The claim: the plant, needing more light to survive, would affect the random number generator 
to increase the amount of light it received. There was data that did seem to allude that the 
plant did, in fact, affect the random number generator.

The implication of that experiment had my mind exploding with ideas. 
If that were true so many other things could be true. There was a kind of peace that 
came over me when I thought about it being true.

This project is an attempt to create the same experiment, albeit in a more 
personal way. Would it "prove" something? Perhaps.

In a way, the idea has given birth something in me to pursue, 
and that in itself is a gift.

I would like to learn some electronics, programing, statistics and overall discovery. 
Even if, the experiment is a "failure" I will have learned something along the way 
and moreover, perhaps even something about myself.

I have decided to publish my code, and methods using sr.ht for practice and for a 
potential audience that might turn into a community. That would be nice.

Join me if you care to; know that I am not an expert an any of this and I am only 
following the human characteristic of exploration.

Links if you are interested: 
* http://noosphere.princeton.edu/
* https://siriusdisclosure.com/
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