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Hello! Thanks for your patch and interest in Scribe 😃 Your are 100% 
correct about there being no patch email. I have just fixed that and 
added a mailing list. If I'm understanding it correctly, this might be 
the first email on the list!

You mentioned that this Docker configuration isn't fully tested yet. 
Also, based on the patch, it seems like this is intended for use in 
development. Is that correct? My personal experience with Docker is 
mixed at best. I think it can work well for deployment (although it's 
not what I use) or if you don't need to interact with what's inside the 
Docker container very often. An example might be a server processing 
background jobs or sending emails that runs alongside the app you're 

I haven't had success when using it for development. It has a big memory 
footprint and all commands I want to run are now one step removed. I'm 
concerned that if I don't use Docker it may break and I won't know, nor 
will I be motivated to fix it. I'm sure someone could come along and fix 
it eventually so I'm less concerned about this, but it's still not an 
ideal experience. 😕

To be clear, I think it's fine if people want to use Docker during 
development, even on this project. To each their own! I'd even be happy 
to link to Docker configs in the README. But I'm concerned about adding 
and supporting it officially.

Can you tell me more about the problems you're experiencing that 
motivated this patch?


P.S. I have no idea who you are, kind person that submitted the patch. 
There doesn't seem to be any name or handle attached to this change! 
Maybe that's on purpose but if not I thought you'd like to know. 🙂

On 14 Oct 2021, at 5:42, acc-3npsourcehut21@remerge.net wrote:

> Hello,
> Thanks for a neat project!
> I haven't fully tested this yet, but it's based on the official 
> example
> from the lucky project.
> BTW, would be helpful if the intended recipient for patch e-mail was
> listed in the repo (right now it's just refering your contact details 
> to
> your website).
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