Gio news, September 2019

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August was eventful for Gio: A Gophercon UK talk, several new
contributors, and expanded documentation.

	Gophercon UK

Gophercon UK kindly gave me their last keynote slot to talk about Gio.
The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and I'm very grateful for
the opportunity.

Whereas the Gophercon San Diego talk focused on the core concepts, the
Gophercon UK talk included a live coding session of creating a simple Gio
program starting with an empty main function.

Slides and demos here:


	Gophercon videos

The recording of the Gophercon San Diego talk is now available on



Much to my delight, the community has grown as a result Gophercon
exposure. The number of contributors to the git repository has reached
7, and the #gioui Slack channel now has 38 members.

The first Gio program written by a contributor is Larry
Clapp's Game of Life simulator:


Gregory Pomerantz created gio-wrap, which is an experiment to reduce
the amount of boilerplate code in Gio:


A few minutes ago, Kenshi Kamata posted his graphical AST viewer on


An often requested feature is gioui.org/issue/8, X11 support. Denys
Smirnov is making progress and his fork can now produce a window with
working mouse input:



The godoc now covers most of the exported API, and package
documentation explains the core concepts of Gio:


I plan to work on higher how-to documents and videos in the near
future; my last excuse for postponing screencasts evaporated today
with the delivery of a high quality microphone.

	App Stores

The `gio` tool is now able to produce binaries acceptable to the Android
Play Store and the iOS App Store. For example, the scatter.im
messaging app is now available for testing at


The help text for the `gio` was expanded to explain how to include an
app icon and to specify the package or bundle id along with the app
version. See `gio -help` for more information.

-- elias