Examples moved to separate repository, master branches renamed to main

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The gioui.org/example module has moved from the example directory in the
https://git.sr.ht/~eliasnaur/gio repository to the new
https://git.sr.ht/~eliasnaur/gio-example repository.

Chris Waldon and I co-maintain gio-example, and it is our hope to expand
the number of available examples of Gio use, as well as increase the
exposure to gio-extras. Chris intends to move his gio-extras demos to
gio-example in this spirit.

At the same time, all master branches in gio related repositories have
been renamed to "main".

These changes do not move the module paths (gioui.org,
gioui.org/example), so will only affect you if you use the git
repositories directly.

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