Spring cleaning and a few API changes

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I've just pushed a bunch of commits that moves and renames many of the
low-level packages. Your programs shouldn't be affected, except for a
few user-visible changes:

- The newest version of the gogio tool is required for building programs
  that depends of recent Gio versions.
- gioui.org/app/headless was moved to gioui.org/gpu/headless.
- Embedding Gio in non-Gio programs is a bit simpler. In particular, the
  former public packages gioui.org/gpu/gl and gioui.org/gpu/backend are
  now internal. See also the changes to the GLFW example program[0].


[0] https://git.sr.ht/~eliasnaur/gio-example/commit/483b35d581cc60f747780220cd2a0f7afa0c5111
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