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On Mon Mar 29, 2021 at 21:46, Mohamedh Fazal wrote:
> Hello @eliasnaur
> If I were to make a guide so that people like me are able to be more
> productive, where would you recommend that I start. This is
> with respect to existing such guides, what the fundamentals are in Gioui
> etc.

The artchitecture document[0] is a good starting point to get a
feeling for the design choices in Gio. If you've done any UI programming
for the browser, you may also find [1] interesting.

> Also, do you plan to walk through Tailscale android code at any point? That
> would be very interesting if you do so.

I hadn't planned to, but feel free to ask questions here on the mailing
list, in our #gioui channel on gophers.slack.com, or in our monthly
community calls.


[0] https://gioui.org/doc/architecture
[1] https://eliasnaur.com/blog/immediate-mode-gui-programming
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