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Good afternoon,

Just wanted to give a short update and let you know that support for
affine transformations have just now been merged. This should allow
you both to transform entire UIs (as in the updated kitchen example),
or use transforms when drawing individual objects.

It *should* be backwards compatible, and allow you to access the new
functionality through a call to op.Affine(yourTransform).Add(ops). In
general expect about 15% increased CPU time in your old drawing operations,
if you see much larger degradations please let me know.

As before, simply using op.Offset (or op.Affine with an offset-only
transform) will use cached results and thus give good performance.
Animated/changing affine transformations cannot use the cache though and
will render slower (similar to the speed of the first frame without transforms).

Any bugs  / not working as expected please let me/us know.

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