compile android error no NDK >=r19c but Studio says yes

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Hello everyone.

New guy here. Hopefully someone can help with this.

My environment is Win10 64bit pro trying to compile for android using
go run gioui.org/cmd/gogio -target android gioui.org/example/kitchen
But when trying to compile the above i keep getting

"gogio: no NDK compiler found for architecture arm. Please make sure
you have NDK >= r19c installed. Use the command `sdkmanager
ndk-bundle` to install it.
exit status 1"

I have Go installed and can compile for windows local execution using
any of the three examples in gioui examples folder.
I have Android Studio freshly installed, also currently installed via
Studio's SDK Tools- NDK v19.25345600, v20.05594570 and v21.0.6113669.
Also CMake v
Path to C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Local|Android\Sdk is added to the top of
PATH in system variables.

I have tried using the command  `sdkmanager ndk-bundle` in the same
Path but it doesn't recognise the command. Resolved this to explicitly
using the full path to Sdk\tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat ndk-bundle, then a
missing repositories.cfg file, created that, but still the same
message as above.
Reboots don't make a difference and now all out of ideas.

Apologies if this turns out to be Android sdkmanager related and not
Gio. But maybe i'm missing a Gio compile flag?
According to the Android SDK documentation, it states that if I have
Studio installed then i don't need to install the CLI tools separately
but the error i'm getting seems to disagree, unless i'm looking in the
wrong section of Studio's settings.

I'm not sure what i'm missing.

Thank you.
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I'm sorry you went to so much trouble without success. I don't
use Windows on a daily basis, so issues such as yours may occur.

I tracked down the error to be caused by a path change in newer
NDKs on Windows. See


for the fix. Please update your repository and let me know if
you have better luck this time.

-- elias
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