Gio Community Call Today (joining instructions and details)

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Hey all,

Our community call is in a few hours today. You can join at this link:


Please note that we will be using the "Lobby" feature of Jitsi, so
you'll need approval to join the meeting. I will admit any name I
recognize from our community. If you get stuck in the lobby, please
send me an email or ping me in the gophers.slack.com workspace

Our agenda has changed some from the original plan:

- Elias will provide an update on his work on the compute shaders.
- We'll have some Q&A on that.
- Veikko Sariola will present their sointu project, a 4K demo creation
tool using Gio as a GUI.
- We'll have some extended Q&A on that.

We will also have an hour of unrecorded office hours after the end of
the Q&A. This is a good time to raise how-to questions or to show a
problem that you've been experiencing.

I'll see you there!
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I meant to include that the call is at 15:30 UTC.
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