Gio News, 0.7*April 2021

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Hello Gioverse!

This newsletter's scope is the remainder of the month of April, since
the last letter only covered the first third. I thought that waiting
for the end of May and including 1.67 months of content would probably
create an unreadably-long letter.

Here's a really short one instead:

core gio

Elias has continued working to make the compute backend the default
renderer in Gio, as well as work optimizing the CPU fallback. Both of
these backends would benefit enormously from caching parts of the
scene that haven't changed since the last frame, and Elias plans to
tackle this soon in order to achieve acceptable performance on the
fallback and stellar performance on compute.

Other changes in core:

- Elias:
  - Made some clip-related performance optimizations to text rendering
on the compute shader.
  - Added extra profiling data to the compute shader's profiling output.
  - Made setting the FullScreen window mode easier.
- Pierre Curto:
  - Implemented handling Options.Size on X11.
- Lucas Rodrigues:
  - Added a new window option to set screen orientation on Android and WASM.
  - Added a new window option to set the navigation and status bar
colors on Android and WASM.


In gio-x, I have been working on a tooltip component that can provide
contextual help for other widgets. It isn't done, and thus isn't in
main yet. You can see what I'm working on by checking the `tooltip`

Pierre Curto submitted a bugfix for the gioui.org/x/outlay.Table and
added gioui.org/x/component.Resizer to enable widgets with resize
handles. This resize widget is really handy, and I encourage everyone
to take a look at how it might improve their interfaces.


During the last community call (which you can find the recording for
below), Veikko Sariola demonstrated the 4K demo audio production tool
sointu. It's a fascinating program for creating synthesized music with
the fewest possible bytes of code. Definitely watch Veikko's first
demo that used it:

Sointu project: https://github.com/vsariola/sointu

Community call recording: https://youtu.be/fokSSaz3mbs

Veikko's demo: https://youtu.be/ofY9cYHgwF4

complex script support

Gio is collaborating with Fyne and some other gophers to develop
support for complex script text shaping in Go! If you'd like to get
involved, join the #ui-text-rendering slack channel in
gophers.slack.com or chime in on the collaboration repository:


The end result of this work should give Gio the ability to render
scripts from all over the world, finally closing issue 146:


We are establishing an OpenCollective for Gio! OpenCollective is a
platform that handles the legal and tax side of holding money on
behalf of an organization so that the members can focus on their
mission. This will make it possible for people to sponsor the entire
Gio project in a single place, rather than hunting for and
individually sponsoring its developers. It will also enable greater
financial transparency for the project.

You can find our shiny new OpenCollective page here:


If you have questions or feedback about this approach, please reach
out to me via slack, email, or arbor.

call for presentations

If you'd like to present any of your Gio-related work during the
next Gio community call, please reach out to me.

You can find recordings of previous Gio community calls here:


the end

Thanks for reading! Please reach out if you'd like your work included
in future newsletters.

Chris Waldon
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Correction: the new resizing widget in gioui.org/x/component is called
"Resize", not "Resizer". Thanks to Jack Mordaunt for pointing this

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