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Hi Christophe,

> I registered on the developer.apple.com site and didn’t see how to register a bundle id. It seam that we are required to subscribe to developer membership thing which cost 100USD per year to be able to create a bundle id on the web site.

I believe that it is _possible_ to run an app on your local iDevice
without paying the $100 fee, but you won't be able to distribute it.
This isn't the route that I went down though, so I'm not certain of
the details. I think everything you need can be done in XCode.

You could try this tutorial [0]. It's 5 years old, so things have
probably changed a little bit, but I suspect that the same general
workflow is still possible. Try to deploy just an iOS app (X-code or
swift new blank app project) to your phone by following the tutorial.
If you can make that work, try using the same bundle id in gogio.


[0] https://ionicframework.com/blog/deploying-to-a-device-without-an-apple-developer-account/
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