[ANN] Accessibility support, Android implementation

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I've just merged basic support for accessibility. The work includes
semantic annotations for the core widget library and Android
implementation, so Android Talkback can now navigate and interact with
Gio programs. I've tested the kitchen and Tailscale apps; I expect your
programs will work with few modifications.

Interesting commits:

app: expose semantic information to Android platforms
widget: add semantic descriptions
io/semantic: add package for adding semantic descriptions to UI components

There are a few API changes, to associate interactive components with
their content and to add text descriptions to widgets without. The
breaking commits and the corresponding changes to the core library are
prefixed with "[API]".

This is just the first step towards excellent accessibility support. We
still need to cover the other platforms, as well expand the semantic
descriptions to cover more widget classes and semantic gestures.

I also hope package semantic can serve as foundation for a future visual
debug package. I found and fixed one bug[0] because of the visual
feedback from TalkBack.


[0] https://gioui.org/commit/e5c040be
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(resending as plain text; sorry I forgot that Sourcehut restriction)

Hi Elias,

This is great news! If I'm not mistaken, this makes Gio the first 
immediate-mode GUI toolkit to implement a platform accessibility API. 
Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

I've been making slow progress with my AccessKit 
<https://github.com/AccessKit/accesskit> project. Perhaps it can still 
help Gio implement accessibility on other platforms.

I'm now studying your implementation with great interest, to see what I 
can learn from it.

Thanks for your work on this.

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