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Hi all,

Some people have requested the permission to publish Goguma on the Apple
app store. I wasn't aware of this when picking the license, but
apparently AGPL is incompatible with the app store policy. I still want
to allow Goguma to be distributed to iOS users though. (Note, I will
not do that myself, as I don't officially support proprietary platforms
and don't own any Apple devices regardless.)

Possible solutions include:

1. Keep the status quo. There are tons of AGPL apps in the app store,
   it seems like Apple won't delete them unless someone attempts to
   enforce the license.
2. Add a "app store" exception in the license. See e.g. [2] for an
3. Completely change the whole license to something else, e.g. MPL.

(2) and (3) would require ACKs from contributors, but that sounds
pretty doable, there are only 4 of them at this point. (2) feels a bit
like a hack, but would be less intrusive.



[1]: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/licensing/more-about-the-app-store-gpl-enforcement
[2]: https://github.com/wger-project/flutter/issues/10
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