Re: Plans for an config file?

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Jan 10, 2020, 21:55 by noah@packetlost.dev:

> Try adding `export` in front of the ENV.
Yesterday I attempted to send an email saying while that made the variable show up when I ran `printenv` and that aliases placed in ~/.env worked, my `printf "env\n"` still didn't run. Thankfully either I didn't send it or I deleted my draft or something else because it turns out I just wasn't testing properly.

When I login to a tty only "profile" gets printed, but after logging in/out of my Sway session "env" gets printed on new terminal windows, and "profile" does not. So it looks like when I start a new tty session my ~/.profile file gets run, and from then on ~/.env gets run instead. Thanks for the help, all!

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