kanshi: sway reload breaks kanshi config

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I would like this thread to serve as a continuation of
https://github.com/emersion/kanshi/issues/43, since this is still an issue.

I would have left a comment in that thread as well, but the repository has been archived
thus I cannot.

The `exec_always pkill kanshi; exec kanshi` workaround didn't quite work for
me, my laptop display would remain enabled whenever I started sway. A reload
solved that, but it felt a little annoying to have to reload sway every time I started
my computer.

So, I adjusted the workaround a little bit and wound up with this:

exec_always exec kanshi; sleep 1; pkill kanshi; exec kanshi

I think that it could probably be stripped down a little further, but
this did work for me, and I'll be leaving it like this on my system.

Thought that this could be helpful for others who run into this!
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hi, j3s again - ignore the workaround i had posted previously, it's
uninformed. here's a better one:

exec_always pkill kanshi; exec kanshi &> /tmp/kanshi.log

I have no idea why adding the stdout/stderr redirect fixes my issue,
but it does. On boot, my laptop screen now displays nothing

I have not tested the POSIX variant:

exec_always pkill kanshi; exec kanshi > /tmp/kanshi.log 2>&1

but I assume it would work as well. 🤷
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