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Simon Repp
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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your detailed wayland clipboard/dnd article, it's of great
help in a current project of mine and I much appreciate you having taken
the time to write and share this!

I have what might be either a minor question or a suggestion:

"Some clients want more control over the clipboard: for instance
password managers want to store passwords to allow the user to easily
paste them in any client, and password managers want to keep track of
the whole clipboard history."

I was a bit confused by the last part and wondering if you instead meant
to write this:

"(...), and *clipboard managers* want to keep track of the whole
clipboard history."

If that is the case then that was my change suggestion! (otherwise I'm
apparently too unimaginative to guess why a password manager would be
interested in clipboard history, other than clearing it, which is not
"keeping track" in my understanding though.)

Thanks again, hope this is actually helpful for other readers and not
just unnecessary nerdyness about details, :)
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