History playback client and server workflows

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We should create a meta issue on the tracker to track progress of
history playback shortcomings, lack of documentation and CHATHISTORY
spec usage/modifications (e.g. target=* usage and detached channel

- Several clients per user,
- Some clients support CHATHISTORY, others don't,
- Upstream channels,
- Upstream *detached* channels
    - highlights/messages are transmitted as NOTICE, or
    - the client is reattached accordingly,
- Upstream queries.

Goal: play back history
- the user musn't miss a message/highlight,
- the user shouldn't be served the same messages/highlights notices

IMO, first TODO is make some kind of state diagram to make out all
cases and workflows, e.g.

client connects -> (if no chathistory -> play back channels, detached
channels -> reattach detached channels accordingly) OR (if chathistory
-> *insert client workflow to retrieve all needed history*)

Tools used to play back history:
- delivered PINGs: know which message has last been sent to a device,
- READ: know which message has last been seen by the user,
- CHATHISTORY: let the client do the work instead of us.

TODO: define alternatives/best efforts to make when one of these tools
isn't available.
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