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[PATCH v2] Add chat-history/LATEST support

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Patch: +6 -4
This patch adds a bit more compliance to the chat-history IRCv3 specification.
The v2 is justified by the comments made at https://github.com/emersion/soju/pull/37.

 downstream.go | 10 ++++++----
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/downstream.go b/downstream.go
index 23a99fa..f844aae 100644
--- a/downstream.go
+++ b/downstream.go
@@ -2261,7 +2261,7 @@ func (dc *downstreamConn) handleMessageRegistered(msg *irc.Message) error {
		var target, limitStr string
		var boundsStr [2]string
		switch subcommand {
		case "AFTER", "BEFORE":
		case "AFTER", "BEFORE", "LATEST":
			if err := parseMessageParams(msg, nil, &target, &boundsStr[0], &limitStr); err != nil {
				return err
@@ -2274,7 +2274,7 @@ func (dc *downstreamConn) handleMessageRegistered(msg *irc.Message) error {
				return err
			// TODO: support LATEST, AROUND
			// TODO: support AROUND
			return ircError{&irc.Message{
				Command: "FAIL",
				Params:  []string{"CHATHISTORY", "INVALID_PARAMS", subcommand, "Unknown command"},
@@ -2304,7 +2304,9 @@ func (dc *downstreamConn) handleMessageRegistered(msg *irc.Message) error {
		// TODO: support msgid criteria
		var bounds [2]time.Time
		bounds[0] = parseChatHistoryBound(boundsStr[0])
		if bounds[0].IsZero() {
		if subcommand == "LATEST" && boundsStr[0] == "*" {
			bounds[0] = time.Now();
		} else if bounds[0].IsZero() {
			return ircError{&irc.Message{
				Command: "FAIL",
				Params:  []string{"CHATHISTORY", "INVALID_PARAMS", subcommand, boundsStr[0], "Invalid first bound"},
@@ -2333,7 +2335,7 @@ func (dc *downstreamConn) handleMessageRegistered(msg *irc.Message) error {

		var history []*irc.Message
		switch subcommand {
		case "BEFORE":
		case "BEFORE", "LATEST":
			history, err = store.LoadBeforeTime(ctx, &network.Network, entity, bounds[0], time.Time{}, limit, eventPlayback)
		case "AFTER":
			history, err = store.LoadAfterTime(ctx, &network.Network, entity, bounds[0], time.Now(), limit, eventPlayback)
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LGTM and pushed, thanks for the patch!
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